If you want to be treated like a QUEEN, treat him like a KING.

Ladies, go easy on your man. He’s not used to this thing you call love. He’s not used to the midnight phone calls, constant texts, your sweet essence, or just sticking with one girl. He’s trying his best, honest. Just give him some time, he’ll come around. When you’re in a fight with him, don’t get too angry either. You see, guys are very simple minded beings. We don’t over think, we just act based on what we feel. We’re sorry if we upset you, we don’t mean to. We don’t mean to make you cry, and we hate it when you go to sleep upset. And we’re not even good for much. We can drive you around, buy you things, and try to make you happy as best as we can, but other than that, we have little to offer.

You have to understand that it’s difficult to be a guy. You see, society makes us feel like we’ve failed if we’ve only got one girl. We’re supposed to crave sex and shoes. We listen to music rampant with expletives, and we’re supposed to have this magical thing called swag. Society tells us to treat our girl like crap. Use her, hit her, make her feel worthless.

But if you’ve got a guy willing enough to care for you, willing to make you feel special, treat him right. He’s stepping out of the stereotype. He’s trying to do what’s right. Cut him some slack, because he’s actually trying to be a decent person for you. Don’t take him for granted; he loves you just as much as you love him. Besides, if you want to be treated like a queen, you’ve first got to treat him like a king.




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