The Article, Blogger and Onlooker

Date: December 11, 2008
Time: 10:42 pm
Author: Lady

Early in the morning of December 10, 2008, it is a boredom day of mine. I am viewing my blog. I received 3 comments from the article I had wrote, 1 comment from a guy and 2 comments from a girl. I viewed the blog of the guy, it’s nice, it’s not boring, it comes naturally and the thing is, I learned some lessons from his articles. His blog (conflagration danseuse) talks about life, his past, his love life, his barkadas and etc. But there are three articles that really caught my 100% attention.

It goes like this:

Article 1
“Let’s Call it A Day”

‘’Yesterday was my day. My day started at 16:00 hour, my friend invited me to visit her classmate in a very peaceful place. I had fun with Christine (my friend), Lovely and Eric (my friend’s classmate), and Jofil (Christine’s girlfriend) and I enjoyed a lot. We drink only two bottles of beer.When we are about to go and leave, my friend and her girlfriend went to the comfort room to urinate, they were the one who urinate first, I made four sticks of cigarettes and Lovely played three songs after they go out from the comfort room. That room was dark, private, and they are free to do whatever they want. Anyway it is normal for girlfriends and girlfriends. (Really??)

We went back home at 7, we rid habal-habal, which is only the form of transportation in that place. When I arrived, I saw ny crush and take a walk with her to their house and I tell her everything what I felt. Guess what, she also feel the same and last night, we are formally boyfriends and girlfriends. I couldn’t believe and I don’t know what to react. I hugged her tight and likewise she hugged me, too.

I was so embarrassed because my father saw us. Anyway, it’s not a big deal.

I am so happy, because for two months I stayed single and bored. She is my ___th girlfriend. Ssshhh, don’t tell anybody it’s a secret!

Article 2
“Do you think it’s normal for your x-girlfriend to invite you in her room?”

It happened last night, the night after my baptism. It is so ridiculous that she would invite me. She’s not my girlfriend anymore. She sent me a message inviting me to her boarding house and I granted her request. I asked her why, and she said she is just checking me if I am alright. But i know she wanted to say something. We talked nonsense things and she let me enter her room to have some private time with her while waiting our dinner. We talked like we were boyfriend and girlfriend.I kissed her in her lips and I thought she will refuse but I think she likes it. We kissed not just once that night but a lot, I guess.

Then, this afternoon her best friend tell me something, something I really don’t expect. She said that there will be a great possibility that we will be boyfriend and girlfriend again.

I used to love her, but after she broke up with me with her nonsense reason I lose my feelings to her. And now she made it obvious that she want me back to her life.

I don’t know what to do…
Article 3
“My Ex-Girlfriend: Part 2”

She invited me again last night… and there are lot of things happened in her room. Her room was dark and cold, and we are the only person in their boarding house.

I don’t know why I granted her requests maybe because I am starting to love her again. I thought I have moved on but I was wrong. The feeling is still there.’’

-End of his articles-

After reading his articles, I am speechless about it, I don’t know what to react, to say and etc., While I am reading his article, i didn’t noticed that the tears are falling into my eyes, eventually, that I shed tears(shonga na kung shonga, mababaw na kung mababaw).
The story was nice, it’s awesome. The article is not dramatic, it’s a normal thing and it’s not a big deal at all—if you don’t know one of the characters. Meaning, it hurts because i know one of the characters. Apparently, he is closed to my heart and into my life. I know it’s his past, it’s just, my mind keep on asking “How come??? On those days… Months… “He” existed in my life… I thought… And what so ever”. The article happened between June-August in the year 2008, I guess.
Thanks for his article; it answers one of my questions—right from the start.

I’m neither thwarted nor dishearten or what to him. It’s just, I really don’t know what to react and it hurts so much.

Let me put it on this way,

Our past, Your past, My past

The past is a vital part of our lives and our identity. It provides us with an indispensable insight into what we were, are, and how we can build a better future. This legacy consists or precious threads woven into the intricate fabric of our history. We tend to downgrade and abandon the past, regardless of its relevance. :c

-EnD of my article-
Note: whether you like it or not, leave me some comment about this article of “MINE”!! 😉 (malay mo matulungan mo ako)


3 thoughts on “The Article, Blogger and Onlooker

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  2. mysiraylon says:

    that was one interesting story… and the fact that it does remind us all about how we all make differences in our lives really does matters at all. Thanks for sharing your insight.

  3. Wade Sinclaire says:

    It would be nice to have this post a live discussion in your blog

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