Giving Up hurts the most

Author: Lady
Dedicated to: Nojla Yort

I used to cry myself at night, praying for you to come back.
As my eyes open from there state of sleep.
I feel the blood turn into frozen river.
Nightmares told me, death was in the air.

It is drifted away from my fingertips.
Never tried my hardest and now I pray as the hurts enters.
I Love You, and I still Love You.
Even though I never make you feel it.

Days passed by and thy death still lingers.
This coldness will never satisfy me.
I want to be surrounded by Angels.

In a place where the sun is so warm, it burns my inside.

A place I can call mine.
I’m crying to you.
Surround me with…
Where Love takes my darkest depression…

My eyes look all around, but all they can focus is on you.
For you I find me.

Though you are my Idiocy in life, somewhat you are my Obsession.


2 thoughts on “Giving Up hurts the most

  1. mysiraylon says:

    can’t wait to see more and read more from your poems. I enjoy reading from it. I hope to see more from your thoughts soon.

    • lady says:

      hehe.. thank you for appreciation.. when i am reading of my poems.. i can’t believe that at early age of mine i wrote these things.. toink.. it seem like you are learning from it.. right? hehe.. once again.. thank you for reading and leaving some comments..

      ~i’ll write again.. but not now.. it will be soon..

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